Friday, October 10, 2014

Photo: NFL Fan Experience at the Super Bowl

The last time the Super Bowl was in Arizona, the exhibits included this giant replica of the Super Bowl Championship Trophy.  This giant replica looks like it is designed to be something that football fans would kneel down before and worship.  Perhaps some of them would.

 I once went to a lecture at the Phoenix Art Museum on the history of Tiffany Silver.  It included a discussion of the Tiffany's design of the Super Bowl Trophy.

Here is a tangent.  My favorite part of the lecture was a story the Tiffany curator told about about a famous pair of silver vases that TIffany made.  They knew where one of the two vases was, but the second was lost and unknown despite the efforts to track it down.  It was later discovered in a location where thousands of people had seen it.  William Randolph Hearst's mother had the silver vase made into a lamp and it was in the front room of the Hearst Castle.

This week we have photos of the people of the people of Bhutan posted on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.

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