Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo: Arizona Cardinals Football Stadium

This is the stadium in far west Phoenix (actually, the suburb of Glendale) where the Arizona Cardinals football team plays.  The Fiesta Bowl is held here each year, and every few years the Super Bowl is played here.

It is a magnificent facility, with a retractable dome and a a retractable field, so the natural grass can grow outside and then slide inside for games.

Officially, the stadium is named the University of Phoenix Stadium, but the University of Phoenix does not have a football team.  It is a for-profit educational company, based in Phoenix, that paid for the naming rights for the stadium.

This is not a great photo, but please compare it with yesterday's photo and consider that it was taken from the same spot.  This is a photo of a building about 25 miles (40 km) that is barely visible to the naked eye.  And I did not use a tripod.  This is a hand-held, quick photo from my office.

This week we have photos showing what a Grand Canyon rafting trip is like, focusing on the camping experience, posted on our  Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Naturegirl said...

I shall enjoy following your posts this year as I usually hibernate and post over the winter months in Scottsdale but this year I will NOT.Looking forward to seeing photos of "Spring" in the desert!

Sharon said...

I do love that camera!

glenda said...

Wow, this is is really huge. Of course it would have to be.

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