Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo: Birthday Bouquet of Cactus Flowers

Here is a photo of the flower blooms on a hedgehog cactus.

Since I showed a macro a few days ago, I thought you might enjoy seeing how large these flowers get and the cactus is quite tiny underneath.

Because it is my Mom's birthday today, a mini-bouquet of cactus flowers seemed appropriate. Happy Birthday Mom!

We are celebrating my Mom's birthday at a special dinner at Lon's at the Hermosa Inn. The restaurant is a great Arizona gem. We support our local restaurants during the summer months. Have dinner out tonight as there are so many great choices.

Enjoy our travel photos of my river raft trip down the Grand Canyon at Viva la Voyage!

5 comments: said...

Happy Birthday, Glenda.

I am looking forward to dinner at Lon's.

Jack said...

Happy birthday, Ma!

Julie said...

The portal appears to be down again for our CDPB July Theme Day of Chimneys. I have reprised the alternative method of linking used when we had issues last March. Please check here and join in if you are of a mind.

Sharon said...

Beautiful bloom! Happy Birthday Glenda! I enjoyed seeing you and having a slice of your birthday cake last night.
Lon's is a fabulous place to celebrate. I'm going to a different local restaurant tonight. Coup de Tartes on 16th street another great choice for dinner!

glenda said...

Thank you Julie for the beautiful bouquet and also for the lovely arrangement you sent to my house. The cake at the Art Challenge was so delicious. Lets drag this birthday celebration out all week long.

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