Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photo: Bee Landed on Saguaro Flower

The bee that I showed in yesterday's photo landed on the saguaro blossom, and was no doubt feasting on pollen and nectar.

There are several buds visible in this photo that have not yet blossomed.  The staggered timing of the blossoms allows the saguaros to be in bloom for several weeks, although each flower lasts for a couple of days.

Tomorrow will be my final post in this series, and like the bee, we will go in for a closer view.

This week we have photos illustrating the industry of Egyptian people and civilization posted  on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.

2 comments: said...

In addition to bees, doves are a major pollinator for saguaros. At night, bats pollinate saguaros.

glenda said...

Good thing this is not a Venus Flytrap! Nice catch.

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