Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo: Ladybug Hanging On

Here is a photo of a ladybug hanging on to the swaying thing weed.

You can see the blur of the tall trees behind the ladybug.
The trees were on the San Pedro River, which is right near the Mexico border in Southern Arizona.

We stayed at the most fabulous Bed and Breakfast called San Pedro Bed and Breakfast.

The place is known for bird watching as well. Great hosts and great breakfasts and home made pies.

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Pedro D. H. said...

breakfast? It's time to mine! Without pies :(

Ladybugs have a very interesting color, love these red!

Teresa said...

I have been wanting to go to Southern AZ for this same reason...really colorful bugs and insects.
I would have grabbed my camera in a hurry for this shot...YOU BEAT ME TO IT!

Sharon said...

What a great shot of this little critter.

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