Friday, August 7, 2009

Solar Eclipse Shining on South Pacific

Today you can see the Sun's glow shining on the sea before the Moon eclipses it.

I watched the sky and the water when experiencing the solar eclipse of July 21, 2009 in the French Polynesia and Cook Islands area.

The sky was very different to watch. The shadows were also very unusual and very detailed. Twilight descended all around us as totality approached and occurred. Temperatures did drop.

The planet Mercury was supposed to be visible above the eclipsed Sun, but I did not see it. I was probably too focused on the Sun and Moon and my camera equipment.

Partial solar eclipses can be seen up to 3,000 miles away. We were in the middle of nowhere in the South Pacific chasing this total solar eclipse. Having a ship helped tremendously so that the ship could maneuver and get us a hole in the clouds to see the eclipse.

We also learned a lot more about the green flash, which we actually saw several times on this trip. It was amazing each time and a very interesting process to learn about.

Our sky is inspiring and quite a show when we understand even more of what to look for. We really enjoyed the astronomy lessons at night looking into the sky from the ship's sun deck identifying constellations in the Southern sky. The Southern sky was very different to look up at and find familiar constellations like the Southern Cross.

Enjoy all of the solar eclipse photos by scrolling down or selecting solar eclipse under labels. Tomorrow I will show the sunset that occurred during the fourth contact between the Sun and Moon as the solar eclipse ended. During third contact, the clouds took over most of the rest of the time. It made us appreciate the fact that we were able to obtain the wonderful photos you see below and to observe the eclipse during at least 60% of the duration of the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse lasted about two hours.


brattcat said...

Judging by that sky, you really must have been on the edge of your seats as to whether you'd have visibility or not. Three cheers for the pilot of your boat. And three cheers for you for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with us.

Lois said...

What amazing light shining on that water Julie!

glenda said...

This is a great shot over the water. Hard to believe its in the day time.

Don and Krise said...

It would be neat to be right where the light is shining down. It almost looks holy.

Rob said...

What an amazing picture! Never seen the sky like this. You are so very fortunate to have been there at this moment!

robert said...

Dali couldn't have painted it better. Look pretty sur-real to me. Am glad your eye was there and that you are sharing it.
Please have a nice weekend.

gogouci said...

This looks so surreal, the moment perfectly captured. This is a beautiful work of art.

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