Saturday, April 12, 2014

Photo: Trudy and Nancy

Yesterday I showed Trudy, the desert tortoise that my secretary, Nancy, brought into the office a week or so ago.  This photo shows the size of the tortoise.  It also gives me an opportunity to say a few words about Nancy.

Nancy and I have worked together since 1996.  She is an amazing team member and contributes so much.  In addition to her excellent skills and tolerance for hard work, she is fluent in Spanish.  She grew up in Mexico City, as both her father and grandfather were Americans who lived and worked in Mexico City.

She translates documents for us and enables us to produce work product for clients in both English and Spanish whenever that ability is needed, as I enjoy conversational Spanish but would not attempt to produce a grammatically correct document in Spanish.

Tomorrow I will show and explain why Nancy brought Trudy into the office.

This week we have photos of the Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland posted on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Kate said...

A very talented woman!

Sharon said...

Hi Nancy!

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