Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Photo: Ferguson Jenkins Charity Autograph Booth at Chicago Cubs Games

At each of the Chicago Cubs Spring training games, there is an autograph booth for charity featuring Hall of Fame pitcher Ferguson Jenkins and several other former baseball players.

At recent games, the others signing autographs have included Rollie Fingers, Gaylord Perry and other baseball greats.

This photo shows some youngsters with baseballs to autograph.  The profile of Ferguson Jenkins in a red shirt is in the shadow of this iPhone photo.

People obtaining autographs make donations to medical research charitable causes for whom the ballplayers are donating heir services.  They also chat with the fans.

Fans also line up at the entrance to the stadium and along the sides of the field and many ballplayers will sign autographs during Spring training.  It is a more friendly and casual atmosphere than exists during the regular season.

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3 comments: said...

It is nice that the ball players donate their time for the benefit of charities and to spend time with fans. It is particularly generous of Ferguson Jenkins, as he has been there at every game I have attended.

Sharon Anck said...

I was just talking to some people last night about how when I was working in Chicago and I'd fly home on the weekend during spring training season, the place would be full of Cubs fans headed out to AZ for a game. Some even wore cubs uniforms, others just shirts, jackets and caps.

glenda said...

This is a great idea for charity. Good for the ball players to participate.

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