Saturday, October 19, 2013

Photo: Musical Instrument Museum Green Room

This is a view of one of the green rooms that we saw during our tour of the back stage area of the Musical Instrument Museum Theater.  This room is part of a lounge for food service for performers other than the headliners, who have access to private dressing rooms.

The MIM is a fairly new venue for artists to perform.  One of the assets that the MIM has cultivated is a favorable reputation in the musical performance community industry so that performers and their agents will through word of mouth tell their colleagues how favorable their experience was in performing at the MIM so that others will want to perform here as well.

The MIM has been successful in establishing a favorable reputation and artists are now inquiring about opportunities to perform here because they have heard such wonderful things about the MIM and its theater.

This week we are showing photos of Valparaiso, Chile, which has the most extensive and talented street art of any place we have visited, on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.

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Sharon said...

Smart move of them, making this an enjoyable experience for the performer.

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