Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo: Paradise Valley Fire Station

This is a photo of one of the two fire stations in Paradise Valley, a suburb of 14,000 people sandwiched between Scottsdale and Phoenix, around Camelback and Mummy Mountains.

Paradise Valley built its own fire stations only in the last few years, and it contracts with the City of Phoenix to supply the fire crews.

Dave and I actually live in Paradise Valley rather than Scottsdale, although our next door neighbor's lot borders Scottsdale and we are only about one mile from the center of Scottsdale.

Paradise Valley does not have a lot of city services.  It is a residential community, with no stores (except the gift shops in the resorts and golf courses), no gas stations, no parks, etc.  We pay for private water, private trash collection.  The Town does provide police and fire, however.  The Town Engineer did call us and all of the other residents in the area a few years ago to ask if we wanted a speed bump or a speed hump on a street several blocks away when they repaved the street.  Now, that is service.

We are showing photos of the menthol blue waters at the bottom of the Grand Canyon on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.

3 comments: said...

This is ore of a desert setting than one would expect for a fire station in the midst of a metropolitan area of several million people.

Sharon said...

I like the way this station is trimmed in bright colors.

Runaway Fox said...

Nice peak of location shots and pictures are quality.

fire station photos

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