Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo: A Good "Re-Use" Planter

This is a photo of part of Rita and Tim's front yard.  Tim is an architect who believes that we should find uses for things after their original use. In the center of this photo is a planter with a cactus sculpture standing in volcanic rock.

That "planter" was originally the shipping crate used by a pottery factory that Dave and I visited in Morocco.  We had some pottery shipped to us, and it arrived with our items stuffed in the middle of shredded newspaper packed in metal crates, with wire mesh sides.

What do you do with metal crates?  You mention your problem to Tim, and Tim says I can figure our a re-use for those.   Now, when we visit Rita and Tim, we can admire his cactus sculpture mounted in a planter that owes its origin to our visit to a Moroccan pottery factory.

Today is Sunday, so we have new photos posted on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.  This week we are showing some additional photos from my recent Grand Canyon rafting trip, including photos that show some of the menthol blue waters found at the bottom of the Canyon.


Sharon said...

So you bought a piece of art and the crate itself became a piece of art. It's kind of like the circle of life or is it the circle of art.

glenda said...

Very creative!

Thérèse said...

As Sharon said: a great circle of life!

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