Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Saguaro with bird nest

If you walk to the base of a saguaro, you can look up at the blossoms that bloom each year in May.  This saguaro is home to a bird nest.

It is hard to see the blossoms, however, as they are high up on the top of each arm.

During the days ahead we will see if we can get a better photo of the blossoms.

We have new travel photos posted at Viva la Voyage from our wonderful trip to Atacama, Chile.

3 comments: said...

Interesting angle, and there are a lot of blossoms on this saguaro. This saguaro has sprouted a lot of arms, in contrast to the saguaros you posted yesterday.

Teresa said...

Amazing how the birds can build their home in a place of ultimate danger---all of those needles! I shudder!
I like the angle shot on this one.

glenda said...

It looks like the cacti offers the birds protection. Wow this cacti has a lot of blossoms about to bloom.

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