Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photo: Classic trucks & canoe

Some of the vehicles being auctioned were in a side lot next to the auction tent.  In fact, the framing for one of the auction tents, with the tent removed, is visible in the background of this photo.

A security guard would not allow me inside the fenced-in area where the cars were waiting to be taken away from the auction.  Thus, I had to lean over the gate and take a few photos, limited to this angle.  For that reason I could not get a clear shot of the vehicles.

In this photo there is what looks to be a Model-A Ford truck for use by the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company.  The hood of an old car obscures a clear view of the truck hood.  Also in view is an old 1930's era car with a wooden canoe on top.  Maybe the canoe was auctioned as part of the same sale as the car.

This week we are showing some photos of the colors and beauty of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island on  our Viva la Voyage travel photo site.


Sharon said...

This almost looks like the back lot of a movie set.

Teresa said...

I agree with Sharon. She took the words right out of my keyboard!

Erwin Calverley said...

Ah, yes. It's like the backstage area where the magic is made, ha ha ha. Seeing the cars in that state is kind of exciting, right? In their own way, they're revved up and ready to go.

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