Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photo: Table Setting

The patio at the Symphony fundraising concert and dinner provided a lovely setting for a dinner following the concert. The buffet that I showed yesterday was excellent, as were the table settings.

In Arizona we are lucky to be able to enjoy outdoor settings for dinner most of the year.

The series of concerts and dinners in private homes is an imaginative outreach effort by the Symphony to draw people and donors into support for the Symphony in creative ways, rather than limiting the Symphony to performances in Symphony Hall in downtown Phoenix.

Ticket sales for concerts provide only about half of the cost of a symphony orchestra. The rest must be achieved through donations at events such as these. In many older cites of the East and Midwest, endowment income provides a stable base of operating income, but the Phoenix Symphony is too new to have built an endowment, so it is much more dependent upon annual donations and special events to meet its budget.

We have photos of the churches and lobsters of Nova Scotia on our Viva la Voyage travel photo site this week.


Sharon said...

Simple yet cheerful table settings. I like it.

Teresa said...

Gerber daisies an old favorite of mine. I love the way you captured the light in this photo. said...

This was an elegant event in every sense of the experience -- the setting in the house, the music, the food, the setting to eat, and the companuy.

Jack said...

Very appealing. The ability to be outdoors 24/7/365 is enviable.

I think the only eastern symphonies that can live off their endowments are the huge ones like NY and Boston, and even then a lot of supplemental fundraising is needed. For years I was involved with fundraising for Hartford arts organizations, and believe me, none of them can live off endowments alone.

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