Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo: Neiman Marcus

Here is a photo of the Neiman Marcus store at Goldwater and Camelback Roads in Scottsdale.

This is the only Neiman Marcus store in Arizona.

It is located at the Scottsdale Fashion Square shopping center, which is the largest shopping center in Arizona. It is upscale and popular.

Other stores include Barney's, Nordstrom's, Macy's, Dillard's and more.

You can see Mummy Mountain peaking over the top of the store.

And for drama, after we took this photo, the security guard came and forbade us from taking photos from the roof of one of the parking garages of the shopping center.

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Lois said...

Nice shot Julie! I have to wonder though why you can't take pictures there. said...

Taking pictures of Scottsdale from the top of a shopping center parking lot sounds rather subversive.

Maybe it is a "gateway" activity. Taking photos of shopping centers one day could lead to taking photos of government missile installations in the future. That security guard was protecting the national security.

Sharon said...

Oh good heavens Julie, what reason did he give? Makes me think of the time I was photographing the Christmas Decorations at the high-rise complex at Central and Clarendon and that guard said photography of those buildings was forbidden. I think some of them make up the rules because they certainly make no sense.

Jack said...

I think Dave is trying too hard to find a rationale. The guard stopped the photo taking because s/he is a jerk and on a power trip.

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