Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo: Soleri Bells

This is a photo of the Paolo Soleri bells outside the front of the Gainey Ranch Country Club.

The light made an interesting shadow.

Some friends invited us to brunch and it was very enjoyable.

You may recall that Soleri bells are very popular in Arizona. Check out Soleri on my labels for my information about this interesting artist.

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Chasing Sunsets said...

The southwestern architecture is such a wonderful backdrop for all kinds of artwork...virtually anything looks great up against it from chili pepper ristras, to metal and iron-work, to colorful flowers and pottery!

Mr. Soleri is on my list of "gotta find out more about". said...

I am pleased that the Soleri Bridge in the heart of Scottsdale has just been built during Paolo Soleri's lifetime. He is in his 90's. Wehen we visited Cosanti in Paradise Valley, where his house is located right next to his studio, we could see him tending to his garden.

Sharon said...

That is a beautiful bell!

glenda said...

The sounds of these bells in the wind is really beautiful, each with their own unique tone. This photo is lovely, I can almost hear it.

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