Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photo: Cub Fan

Here is a photo of a Cubs fan.

This kid is very excited to be at the game and is wearing his favorite Chicago Cubs shirt to support the team.

He is carrying his blue bat.

The Chicago Cubs Spring training baseball games occur in Mesa, Arizona.

There is stadium seating and also people can buy tickets to sit on the grass on blankets.

This is our winter weather in Arizona.

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Teresa said...

What a doll. He looks so happy to be there...he knows the popcorn and cotton candy aren't too far away.

Sharon said...

And what a cute little fan he is! said...

Do you think the Cubs will win a World Series during this child's lifetime?

Nah. I must have gotten too much sun to be thinking such crazy thoughts.

glenda said...

The grassy area ia a great way to watch the game with restless little ones. This guy is ready to go!

Josy said...

I can't jive t-shirts and green grass with "winter!"

Are these Cubs fans native Arizonians?

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