Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunset with Green Reflective Circles

Here is a photo of a sunset I took from Camelback Mountain overlooking downtown Phoenix.

You can see the tall buildings that are part of the Phoenix skyline, as well as the golf course in the foreground.

I also find the green reflection circles add an interesting dimension to the very bright sunset.

It is Sunday so check out travel photos of the Grandeur of Venice at Viva la Voyage!

4 comments: said...

THe sun is so intense that I feel like I need to put on sun glasses just to look at your photo.

Sharon said...

I'm trying to figure out the mountains behind the tall buildings. Those look like the buildings of the central corridor so I'm guessing those are the White Tank Mountains. said...

The White Tank Mountains would be further to the right because they are due west from Phoenix and from Camelback looking towards downtown, the vantage point is west and south. The ridge of mountains in the distance behind the downtown and central corridor would be the Estrella Mountains on the western end of South Mountain.

If Julie took the photo from the Tempe Butte, and perhaps from the Papago Buttes, it would be possible to get the Central Avenue/Mid-town hi-rises silhouetted against the White Tanks, but even from Papago Buttes downtown is south of the line of sight to the White Tanks.

Thérèse said...

Interesting shot Julie.
Dave, you should draw us a map of the surrounding mountains... I am always so confused when driving around, I never know which is which.

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