Sunday, January 17, 2010

Float Boat and Red Reeds and Black Saguaros

Here is a photo at night of Chihuly's "Float Boat" and "Red Reed and Black Saguaros."

The entire Chihuly installation took on a magical look at night with the lights.

The cactus added dimension among the glistening glass art.

The colorful orbs are a favorite of mine and I have posted many glass orb images.

Check out more Chihuly glass by clicking the Chihuly label below.

Today is Sunday so new travel photos are posted. Check out photos of Costa Rica at Viva la Voyage!


Adam Burek said...

I really like read Your blog.
Your photos and articles are very good!

PAK said...

So colorful (even in the night!)!

brattcat said...

This looks like it could have been taken on another planet, those glass orbs eggs laid by some alien creature. Amazing.

Luis Gomez said...

Nice shot. I agree with Brattcat. Out of this world.

Sharon said...

I have framed one of my prints of the "float boat" and have it hanging in my office now. This was one of my favorites at the show.

glenda said...

Beautiful at night!

We love Luna said...

It's really different, great work Julie!
purrs and love

susieofarabia said...

Such interesting textures and colors all in one photo!

Segredos de Liquidificador said...

Your blog is very interesting!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Lovely bright colours. They seem to glow.
Melbourne Daily Photo

~Cheryl said...

Beautiful! I never tire of seeing his work.

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