Saturday, December 26, 2009

Date Palms and Scottsdale Princess

Here is a photo taken at the lovely Scottsdale Fairmont Princess.

You have the large date palms and the peaceful and inviting places to sit and enjoy the warm weather, luxurious resort environment, desert landscaping, and decide whether to play a round of golf on the superb golf course at this resort.

The Scottsdale area has some of the best resorts and spas for visitors to enjoy.

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Diane AZ said...

Fantastic image, looks like a beautiful resort. I love all the arches on the building!

magiceye said...


David said...

The Scottsdale Fairmont Princess is adjacent to the Scottsdale TPC golf course where the Phoenix Open is played. It is a beautiful, stadium golf course, open for play by the public.

Lois said...

What a nice place Julie! The only time I have ever visited your area was during this time of year and it was wonderful. I was in Tempe for the Fiesta Bowl one year when my daughter was in the FSU Marching Chiefs band and they were performing at half time and in the New Year's parade.

Rob said...

looks warm and sunny, I wouldn't mind a round of golf right now/

Louis la Vache said...

Golf is a bit of a challenge for «Louis». He's never quite mastered the use of clubs - hooves, lack of opposable thumbs, etc., seem to be the insurmountable impediments....

J Bar said...

Great shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

brattcat said...

Sometimes these shots of yours look as if they come from a place out of a fairy tale, Julie.

JM said...

Wonderfuly composed shot!
Hope you had a Happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...


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