Saturday, May 2, 2009

Personal Living Quarters

Frank Lloyd Wright's personal living quarters at Taliesin West were opened to the public in 2008. 

The first photo is of Wright's library. Wright studied Japanese design, as well as many others. You can see and feel Asian influences throughout Taliesin West.  

These living quarters were finished in 1940 and consisted of a living room, dining area, bedrooms, private garden with Moon Gate and workspace area.  
The second photo shows Olgivanna Wright's bedroom.  You can see it is very colorful and the view opens up onto the private garden.  The doors could be opened so you were virtually sleeping in the outdoors.

The third photo shows the sitting area of Ms. Wright's bedroom and it is called "Swan Cove."  You can see the beautiful Japanese screen in the room.

Frank Lloyd Wright annually modified and rebuilt the private living spaces, just as he did most other spaces at Taliesin West. He regularly experimented with materials and design.    

Wright would take down walls and structures and try out different methods. He was very intelligent, creative, and restless.  He was always planning the next design.

For more photos and information, select Taliesin West under my labels.  


B Squared said...

You sold me. I'll take it.

Sharon said...

Great photos of the living quarters. I wish I could peek into the past and see how things looked in say, 1950. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Christopher Raun Leth said...

He sure liked to live in comfort:-)

Rambling Round said...

I like the splashes of interesting museum for sure!

Julie said...

The ideas, colours and shapes are a treat for the brain. However, it would be a challenge to live with a partner who annually rebuilt ones living quarters!!

Jacob said...

Amazing. One wonders how he would configure it today.

PAK said...

Are there 'French Cathedrals'?
Interesting library! (I am reading now 'Japanese aesthetics' -- so the japanese title was the firs I've read :) )

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