Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hip Hoop Dancer

The Heard Museum's 19th Annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest was held this past weekend.  As you can see in this photo, the contestants are athletic, determined, and just plain cool.  Too cool to photograph really as I had to quickly take this photo as he got off the phone and had very limited time before he disappeared into the crowd.  

The costumes are vibrant, and if you look closely, this dancer is holding a Pittsburgh Steelers cord in his right hand so he is definitely a football fan.  Don't you just love those shaggy moccasin boots?  Gorgeous! And moccasins are so comfortable to wear. 

I love the sound of rattles that are sewn on some Native American clothing and used in other items.  The types of rattles worn by dancers consist of goat hoofs, silver bells, and more.  I have several varieties of these rattles in my house and find the sound very calming and familiar having grown up hearing these rattles at many Indian pow wows, rodeos, and Native American festivals.

I will show a few photos of this special Native American event over the next few days and include information about the event and activities.  


Abe Lincoln said...

I am looking forward to seeing more of these photos. In the olden days these dancers were something to see all dressed up but these modern dancers are exciting too and the colors are really brilliant.

Olivier said...

très kitch le "Hip Hop Dancer". Tout le monde ne peut pas porter ça ;o)
very kitsch the "Hip Hop Dancer."
Everybody can not wear that ;o)

Sharon said...

This is a good catch. I got some great pictures of the children in their costumes playing with each other. I'll post those sometime soon.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I like this i wish you had a movie clip of them dancing

Jarart said...

I like this shot of a quiet moment for the dancer. I wonder what he's thinking.

brattcat said...

That costume is so beautiful. People should definitely click on the photograph to enlarge it and look at the detail. You capture a quiet dignity on his face and in his posture. Great catch.

Irredento Urbanita said...

That's an exotic hip hop dancer. He has an indian aspect in his legs. True photo !!

Regards from Barcelona


Trujillo Daily Photo

Barcelona Daily Photo

JM said...

Fantastic outfit! It's really worth enlarging the photo to see the details.

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