Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crystal Crosses for Bottle Stops

The Mission restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale has a gorgeous bar with great color and glass.  On the left of the bar are these beautiful crystal cross bottle stops, right next to lemons and limes.  A nice combination of color and freshness at the bar.  

We are very lucky to live within about one mile from Old Town Scottsdale. We regularly take walks and check out different restaurants so we can try and convince ourselves we live in an urban environment, even though the Valley of the Sun is the lowest density major metropolitan area in the United States.

Old Town Scottsdale has over ninety restaurants to choose from, and for locals, we all have our favorites.  We tend to stay away from the purely tourist-oriented restaurants and instead primarily enjoy dining experiences at locally owned restaurants with great chefs.  The Mission is locally owned, has a great chef, good ambiance, and has the beginnings of becoming  a local and tourist favorite.  Now, go have a drink at that bar!


Sharon said...

I will being doing just that!

Jarart said...

Pretty, could be a painting.

Fio said...

Wonderful colours and perfect composition.
I see you love the details.
Very nice blog.
Gretings :)

PAK said...

Very interesting restaurant. It is not a first photo, and still amazing me the restaurants decor.

slim said...

I used to make leaded glass trinkets like these but never thought of bottle stoppers. Wonderful catch.

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